Logo Collection vol. 2

logo for optics Zoom, Australia
monogram M
logo for car accessories Manuuki, Poland
logo for food products Island Queen, USA
logo concept Sean Cope Pictures media production company SMG, USA
logo for beet kvass Culturful, USA
logo for Metro Grain, USA
logo for beet kvass Culturful v.2, USA
logo Nerth, USA
logo concept for the law company Yazdany, Canada
logo ELF, USA
logo The Ellison Foundation, USA
Company NEGXN™ v.2, Australia
logo concept Grand Sports Management, USA
logo for high energy dance pop and rock cover band, USA
logo for the techno music festival Detonation, Ukraine
flat nuts and dried fruits Mammy™, Slovenia
logo for children's toys Blaster Boards, USA
logo Guider, USA
logo for the club v.3, Singapore